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McKinsey on Risk

McKinsey on Risk

McKinsey’s new publication features the best of its thinking on risk and risk-management issues, with McKinsey’s inaugural issue examining the evolving role of credit portfolio management, regulations affecting European banks, how to manage technology risk, and the value of digitally transforming credit-risk management. The paper also covers:

  • The future of bank risk management
  • Nonfinancial risk: A growing challenge for the bank
  • Compliance in 2016: more than just following rules
  • The evolving role of credit portfolio management
  • ‘The ghost in the machine’: Managing technology risk
  • Transforming enterprise risk management for value in the insurance industry
  • The value in digitally transforming credit risk management
  • SREP: How Europe’s banks can adapt to the new risk-based supervisory playbook

Click on the image below to access the full McKinsey report (opens in a new browser window).

McKinsey on Risk


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