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A post-Brexit Assessment of Risks to Debt Sustainability in the Euro Area

Over a month has gone and BREXIT effects are still unfolding. Many defend that the essential feeling is uncertainty and the real effects caused by the fact that the United Kingdom did vote to leave Europe, will only be felt a time goes by. In the meantime, lots of literature and commentators write about BREXIT on a daily basis. Professor John Iannis Mourmouras, […]

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Intelligent Risk – PRMIA

Intelligent Risk – PRMIA – June 2016

June’s edition of Intelligent Risk is full of interesting articles which are relevant for anyone working in Risk Management. The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association’s (PRMIA) periodic publication contains free exclusive content for subscribers. The June edition covers in depth Risk Culture articles. Inside this edition you will find: Risk culture – A recipe for […]

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