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Corporate Governance Code

100+ Countries Corporate Governance Codes

The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) is an international scientific non-profit association. Its main goal is to provide debate forums and facilitate dialogue between academics, legislators and practitioners, with special focus on major corporate governance issues. The development of these dialogues and knowledge exchange promotes best practices which benefit the industry. This article includes a very […]

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10 Essential Risk Management Videos - Part 1

10 Essential Risk Management Videos – Part 2

In part 1 of this article I’ve included a series of relevant Risk Management videos, covering conceptual topics around investing with derivatives securities such as Forwards, Futures, Hedging, Hedging with Futures, Put/Call Options, etc. This article covers additional videos focusing on Risk and Reward concepts such as Systematic Risk (not to be confused with Systemic Risk), Total Risk, Portfolio Risk […]

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Risk Scoring Matrix

Residual Risk Scoring Matrix Example

While each firm has its own risks scoring guide, most firms will follow common guidelines, such as suggested by IOSCO on the Risk Identification and Assessment Methodologies for Securities Regulators. This article includes examples of risk scoring matrices used for Impact (inherent or gross risk – described in our section Risk Register), Likelihood (or probability), and the […]

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Risk Heat Map

How to Create a Risk Heatmap in Excel – Part 1

Risk heat maps are commonly used in operational risk management and are specially useful to represent a firm’s risks in a visual manner, highlighting the ones that need to be managed more closely. When assessing operational risk, the risk manager will typically use a spreadsheet to record its firm’s key risks and rate the impact and likelihood (or probability) assessment scores for […]

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10 Essential Risk Management Videos

10 Essential Risk Management Videos – Part 1

This article includes a series of Risk Management videos, covering several topics which are relevant specially for Market Risk professionals. The videos included cover the following topics (click on the different topics below to access directly the embedded video). Forwards Futures Hedging Hedging with Futures Put options Call options Put-Call Parity Combining Payoffs Payoffs Total […]

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