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Risk Management Webinar

VIDEO: Risk Management Webinar – Theory vs Reality

This free webinar, courtesy of IC Markets, focuses on practical and crucial Risk Management aspects to consider from a front office point of view. You will learn what are the important aspects to look for when actively trading in financial markets, including insights on fundamental and technical outlook on all major markets (for indices, FOREX, commodities and others markets), aimed both at short-term and long-term traders. It also includes a useful Q&A towards the end of the video.

Official IC Markets video information

Dear Trader,

In this webinar we will show you the difference between Theory and Reality in Trading.
“Professional Risk Management Principles”

To show you what it takes to manage risk within the markets as a Professional Trader we welcome Bisher Khudeira, Trader at Trade View Investments. He will also answer your questions LIVE!
Bisher will expand in detail on the following topics:

    1. Psychology – How to get out of your own head?
    2. Risk Management – How the professionals use their skill set
    3. Money Mismanagement – Why most people LOSE on their trades
    4. RISK v REWARD – What a professional trader looks for

By the end of this Webinar, you will see first-hand how professionals look at the market day-in day-out, why the odds are stacked against the retail trader, and what you can do to put those odds in your favour by thinking like the professionals.
Join us for this exclusive webinar to start your trading day with greater confidence.
Kind regards,
IC Markets Team

Video Webinar



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Program/Project/Risk manager with 15+ years mix-industry, with a particular emphasis in Banking & Financial Services. Active in risk management, market risk control, front office risk management, product control, change and transformation management, business analysis and business process improvement for global capital markets and investment banking, covering a multiple range of asset classes.

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