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An Overview of Operational Risk Management

VIDEO: An Overview of Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk has historically been considered by many as the less-important-“younger brother” of Credit Risk and Market Risk. Operational Risk has been growing in importance within financial services providers, being them top tier 1 banks, brokerage firms, investment management firms, financial boutiques, among others.

The fundamental aspect of operational risk is that if a given (operational) risk occurs e.g. a real cyber threat, a building malfunction preventing staff access, a server that blows up, a communication line that stops working, among many others, this will most likely cause other risks to materialise, such as a variety of financial risks, reputational risk or counterparty risk, to name a few.

This webinar is an overview of the practical techniques collected from industry best practice that apply and to financial institutions in general.

About the presenter (Fred Vacelet)

Fred Vacelet is a Financial Risk Management Consultant with an international expertise in Risk Management methodological frameworks. His experience spans some 20 years, advising banks, software houses and others on risk management. Fred holds various degrees, including from London Business School, with post-graduate studies at the Technische (then West)-Berlin and Keio (Japan) universities. He is a published author on risk management and Basel Accords, and a regular speaker at conferences. Fred writes and presents training courses and workshops on risk management and Basel II/III.

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