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An Overview of Operational Risk Management

VIDEO: An Overview of Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk has historically been considered by many as the less-important-“younger brother” of Credit Risk and Market Risk. Operational Risk has been growing in importance within financial services providers, being them top tier 1 banks, brokerage firms, investment management firms, financial boutiques, among others. The fundamental aspect of operational risk is that if a given (operational) risk occurs […]

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Institute of Risk Management - Webinars

Institute of Risk Management (IRM) Free Webinars

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) provides globally recognised high quality (paid) qualifications and training. But among the rich content provided in the IRM web site, there are several FREE webinars which are very complete and comprehensive. Below you can find the direct link for the IRM webinar homepage The only requirement is a simple registration process after […]

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