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The Global Risks Report 2017

Global Risks Report 2017

The Global Risks Report 2017, from the World Economic Forum (WEF), features perspectives from nearly 750 experts on the perceived impact and likelihood of 30 prevalent global risks as well as 13 underlying trends that could amplify them or alter the interconnections between them over a 10-year timeframe.

The WEF summarises that:

2016 saw a crystallization of political risks that have led to the election of populist leaders, a loss of faith in institutions and increased strain on international cooperation. We should not be surprised by this: for the past decade, the Global Risks Report has been drawing attention to persistent economic, social and political factors that have been shaping our risks landscape.”

This year’s report will examine the five greatest priorities facing the world in 2017, their interconnections and the actions necessary to avoid their harshest fall-out.

Featured speakers:

  • Adrian Monck, Head of Public Engagement and Foundations, World Economic Forum (moderator)
  • Margareta Drzeniek Hanouz, Head of Global Competitiveness and Risks, World Economic Forum
  • John Drzik, President, Global Risk and Specialties, Marsh
  • Cecilia Reyes, Chief Risk Officer, Zurich Insurance Group
  • Richard Saman, Member of the Managing Board, World Economic Forum


Written Report (Web page)

Download the Full Report (PDF)

The Global Risks Report 2017

Top 5 Global Risks in Terms of Likelihood (2007 to 2017)

The Report includes several interesting highlights such as a Risks-trends interconnections maps, the top 5 Global Risk in terms of likelihood (see picture below), the Global Risks Landscape 2017, among others.

Click on the following link to read the Report highlights on the WEF website.

Top 5 Global Risks in Terms of Likelihood


Image source: World Economic Forum


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