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About Us

We are a group of Risk Management professionals from different parts of the world who use this blog to share knowledge and ideas with other Risk professionals. We have diverse professional backgrounds and all have been working in the financial services industries for several years, having had professional experiences in different countries (and continents), in different types of firms in terms of size and culture.  We also specialise in numerous types of Risk categories and cover different asset classes, as well as diversified roles in back, middle and front office.

The visitor goal target for our blog can range from students to experienced professionals. We do a daily effort of  keeping up with the most current topics in the industry and share when we truly believe that an idea or content will add value to the community that follows us. We are attentively collecting feedback and looking at trends to try to adjust whenever needed.

Please note that in order to run this project we need to fund the operation at minimal levels. Please bear with some minor non-invasive advertisement as it will help continue keeping this web site alive.

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