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Corporate Governance Code

100+ Countries Corporate Governance Codes

The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) is an international scientific non-profit association. Its main goal is to provide debate forums and facilitate dialogue between academics, legislators and practitioners, with special focus on major corporate governance issues. The development of these dialogues and knowledge exchange promotes best practices which benefit the industry.

This article includes a very useful list of Corporate Governance Codes for more than 100 countries, as well as the OECD, the Commonwealth, EBRD and other international bodies. The list is sorted by country (or region/government body) and publication date, where the most recent code is top of the list.

This is an ideal list for whoever wants to get access to full Corporate Governance codes for all relevant countries in a single place.

Corporate Governance Codes, Principles & Recommendations

These documents come from various sources: some have originated from other publicly accessible websites; others have been submitted by their issuing institution; and many have been sent by ECGI members and others. All contributions are acknowledged and credited.

In most cases, the links allow you to download the code from this website in pdf format. Where a document is explicitly excluded from online distribution, ordering information is provided. Monitoring reports and impact studies are listed with each code or reform where they are available.

Click on the image below to access the full list (open new browser window)

Corporate Governance Code List

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