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10 Top Risks for 2017

10 Top Risks for 2017

The following report from Protiviti, an international Risk & Business Consulting and Internal Audit company, and North Carolina State University’s ERM Initiative, contains results from the fifth annual risk survey of directors and executives. This report includes their views and the likely collection of risks that will affect their organisations over 2017.

Key findings

  • The overall global business context is perceived to be noticeably more risky in 2017
  • Concerns about economic conditions top the list of risk issues for the coming year, followed closely by regulatory changes and scrutiny
  • Cyberthreats, information security and privacy remain critical issues for organisations to address

Some key issues will continue on CRO’s agendas, such as cyber-threats and information security, which follow the same trend as last year – click here to view the Key Risk Management Issues for 2016.

Increased volatility in markets due to unprecedented times and recent events such as the UK BREXIT, US Presidential elections and ongoing instability in the Middle East are some of the factors that contribute for the respondents to see a riskier environment in 2017. On the list below you can see the increase in score for each risk and the trend from 2016 to 2017.

Click on the list of 10 top risks for 2017 below to access the full survey (opens in a new window).

10 Top Risks for 2017


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